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# Simply The Best Online Download Helper #

/(?<download> Video | Audio | Subs )/gi

Simply the fastest & easiest way to download video & audio files from websites like
Twitter, Facebook, Dailymotion, Youtube & many other with ease.

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How does it work?

While playing any media be it video or audio on any webpage, the red icon (offmp4 icon) on the toolbar will show a badge text with a count of total number of media links found on that webpage, now all you have to do is click on the icon and it will open a new window with all the available formats & qualities. Just download the media in any format you wanted, I'm sure there's no easier way than this. Try it yourself.

  • You could download playlists too
  • Download from any site it'll autodetect media links
  • You could even disable it on any particular site if you wanted to
  • Supports multiple formats with size extraction & copy option

Supported sites!

Though it works with all media sites, I did add few extractors for some selective domains so which makes it super easy for you to extract links from them. One doesn't even need to play any media it'll grab links automatically once the page loaded completely. For now, it has the inbuilt extractor for Twitter, VK (Vkontakte), Facebook, Dailymotion, Odnoklassniki, Soundcloud, Instagram, Vimeo Probably will add more on requests.

Downloading videos has never been this easy

download links with size

Plugin has inbuilt dark mode option

How to switch mode?

Switching modes is pretty easy & straightforward. All you gotta do is click on dark theme button on the top navigation of the plugin. You can actually toggle it from there. These setting are also getting saved in local storage so the next time you check plugin or open your browser it'll remain in the same mode.

How to disable for particular domain?

while you're on any domain and wanted to disable the offmp4 plugin for that domain just follow the steps and you're good to go. If you're not on plugin home just click on the home button from the top of the navigation menu. You'll notice two toggle options on the bottom of the window just click on disable on this site, it gets disabled for this domain. Your changes will remain saved even after you close the browser too.

You could even enable or disable ask download location option, so anytime you download a file it'll ask for download location before proceeding, Pretty handy sometimes.

dark mode vs light mode

Works with most major browsers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download videos from?

You could download video from any site as long as it has video in it and the website uses the HTTP/s protocol. Though it has inbuild extractor for few specific domains

Where are my downloaded videos are being saved?

It totally varies from OS's to Browsers but it's being saved on your hard drive all you gotta check your browser settings for that or you could turn on ask download location option.

How to download a video?

Just look for 'Download' button on the plugin window. Clicking on it should launch the download. you could even check the size before downloading

Is this plugin free?

Yes completely free with no ads at all. Just use it the way you wanted to.

What formats can I download this video?

It totally depends on the website you wanna download from. You could always convert it to mp3 if possible it'll show up an option for that.

How to download video playlists?

Whenever it finds any playlists on the webpage it'll fetch them all and shows you the list of media(s) on the page now all you gotta do click on extract links of the videos you actually wanna download, it works in real-time.